jen and tony and their crew

Jen was absolutely fantastic! She guided us through the process of creating a ceremony that was  uniquely ours and helped make our ceremony absolutely perfect. So many of our guests commented on how personal it was, incorporating elements from our friends and family, and focusing on what the day meant for the bride and groom. Couldn't have asked for anything better! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!!! - Groom

We were thrilled with the ceremony! We had positive feedback from all of our friends and family -- they loved how we had some Indian and some American traditions fused, and so many personal stories/quotes/advice.   Working with you was so easy, and such a pleasure.  I loved being able to have a list of elements of the ceremony to choose from, being able to revise it, and also having just a few surprises. - Bride

Our wedding ceremony and Jen exceeded our expectations in every way. Our ceremony was beautiful, crafted just for us, involving those who loved and surrounded us on that day. It went above and beyond what we could have imagined in every way. We loved how it felt completely tailored just to us, our values and style. We also treasured the words Jen had gathered from our family and friends which were woven into the message. - Bride

Through just a few meetings and a customized questionnaire, Jennifer creatively personalized our wedding ceremony.  Jennifer sparked heartfelt responses with her patience and conversational ease.  She created an atmosphere of participation and poignancy that really made our ceremony better than we could have ever imagined.  Jennifer EXCEEDED our expectations!!  Our ceremony felt so intimate and personal.  She really captured and illuminated the tender and sweet feelings we have for one another. You are in such capable hands with Jennifer as your Officiant! - Bride

Absolutely, everything was perfect and everyone enjoyed the ceremony, We received many, many complements regarding the ceremony.  Since it really was the first "event" of the day it set the stage for the whole celebration and had everyone feeling very excited and happy.  We really enjoyed working with Jennifer. - Groom

As a wedding photographer I have seen scores of weddings and agree full-heartedly that this was the most precious, thoughtful and beautifully written ceremony I have ever heard let alone been a part of. In fact through my business I will be solely referring Jen to every couple I engage with. – Bride and Wedding Photographer

We were so thrilled with the ceremony and couldn't have done it without you! It made us laugh, cry and altogether was one of the most joyful experiences that we have shared. We truly felt that it reflected exactly who we are as a couple in every way. We had so many people approach us after the wedding to tell us what a wonderful ceremony it was and how it seemed to fit so well for us. We couldn't agree more. We feel so blessed that we found you to be a part of not just our wedding day but the overall experience. You really facilitated the whole ceremony process for us and helped us to create something amazing when we had no idea where to start. For that we are truly grateful. - Bride and Groom

We want to thank you for the amazing job you did officiating our wedding.  I can't tell you the number of people who told us how meaningful the ceremony was. It was funny, touching and inclusive.   We have read the script a few times since & love it. We want to thank you for the job you did at the rehearsal as well!  The day would not have been the same without you. - Bride and Groom

Thanks again for being our Officiant! Our feedback for you is nothing but positive! You were friendly, organized, and made it easy for us to put together a great ceremony that we both really loved. You were also great at taking charge and directing people, which I appreciated! Thanks again!! - Bride and Groom

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